Audio Rental

Standard PA System

Our smaller, standard PA systems includes a pair of full range speakers with a mixer / amplifier to  make for easy installation. These are also simple to operate and are suitable for a smaller, more intimate setting.

Large PA System

A larger PA system can include multiple pairs of full range speakers with separate mixers and amplifiers ,and can also include low frequency speaker units. Suitable for larger venues that require more diverse sound distribution.

Wireless radio mic systems

AV Hire Ltd can provide a wide range of wireless radio mic systems, from a standard handheld type, through lavalier (lapel) systems, to head worn styles, dependent on your requirements or type of event.

Lectern and wired type Microphones

We can provide specialist lectern type microphones with a wide audio pick up area for use on lecterns and table stands. Standard table top mics and PZM (boundary) mics are also available.

Powered speakers and monitors

We also carry stocks of powered speakers for small to medium sized events. The built in amplifiers make this type of speaker a simple and cost effective way of amplifying music or speech, but come into their own for presentations where sound is needed from a laptop or tablet.

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